Campus Sexual Assault Education Conference this Tuesday October 15th


This Tuesday October 15th Penn State is hosting the Campus Sexual Assault Education Conference. This conference is “for students to learn about campus sexual assault through a variety of workshops covering a wide range of topics, such as rape myths, masculinity and rape prevention methods, legal procedures and bystander intervention”. 

The conference features a variety of panels on different aspects of campus sexual assault. Some panels look at the the issue of sexual assault through different cultures and in the LGBT community, while others examine sexual assault at PSU specifically, such as how to report assault on campus.

Speakers include leaders from the Centre County Women’s Resource Center and the PSU Center for Women Students. The keynote speaker is Laura Dunn, a law student at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law who focuses on victim’s rights. Dunn has received national attention for her advocacy for victim’s rights and promoting awareness of campus sexual assault.

The conference begins with check-in at 7am outside the HUB auditorium, and events occur in the HUB Auditorium and Heritage Hall until 5pm.

The Campus Sexual Assault Education Conference website can be found here for any additional information.


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